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The 2013 horseshoe pitching season was kicked off in Sand Springs, on April 13. Unfortunately, that tournament was rained out, but we still had the Kickoff Meeting.

The weather has been pretty unpredictable so far, but there are still plenty of tournaments on the OHPA schedule!

Mark your calendars and make an effort to attend at least one event at each location. It’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for all the hard work our tournament directors put into the planning of each tournament.

Here’s something you may not have thought of… Planning an event is JUST AS MUCH WORK if only 5 people show up as it would be if 30 people show up!

In an effort to promote excellence OFF the courts as well as on, the OHPA is prepared to offer a scholarship in the amount of $150 to an active Junior horseshoe pitcher based on scholastic merit and NHPA participation.

To be considered, fill out the scholarship form, follow all instructions and return to OHPA Junior Director, Glenn King at 5092 N. Antler Ridge Road, Sand Springs, OK, 74063 by the deadline of June 21. Forms may be scanned and emailed to soncntry@aol.com .


The 2013 NHPA World Horseshoe Pitching Championships will be held in St. George, Utah, July 22 thru August 3.

Entry deadline is May 16. Adults who plan to enter MUST have pitched in a minimum of FOUR (4) NHPA sanctioned events in the twelve-month period prior to the deadline date. All Junior entrants must have pitched in at least one (1) event in that twelve-month period.

As passed at the 2012 delegate convention in Knoxville, the Cadet division now includes those juniors who will be twelve (12) years old for the entire calendar year. It is not REQUIRED that a pitcher under the age of 12 pitch in this division, but it is available for them.

Entry fees are $125 for adults/ $25 for juniors. The pitching schedule will be posted by early June 3, and mailed to all participants who select that option on their entry form.

If you are not sure if your events qualify you for entry, contact one of your state officers for clarification.

All events on the 2013 OHPA schedule, up to the May 16 deadline can be used for qualification. Tournament Directors must be diligent at submitting results for Natstats reporting!

Lodging and area information for the St. George area can be found on the NHPA website, www.horseshoepitching.com.

Entry form can be found on and printed from the NHPA website.

Enid Area Horseshoe Pitcher's Club is getting ready to begin their Spring League. It was to have started April 1 but was called for weather. The rescheduled start date is April 8.

Jim Hudson is President and League Director this year; Bob Dennis, Vice-President; G.E. Majors, Secretary/Treasurer; James Crabtree and Joy Dennis, Publicity; and Charlotte Bowen, Tournament Director.

Moore Horseshoe Club began their league on March 28, with twelve pitchers in attendance and promises for more. Johney Vanderburg serves as League President and Tournament Director, while Burl Cox is the League Director.

Once again, the NHPA is offering a fabulous grand prize package in its “World Tournament Experience” raffle!

The big winner will receive free entry into the 2014 World Tournament in Buffalo, NY; one week’s lodging; $100 in merchandise from Game Related Sales; a customized World Tournament souvenir T-shirt; World Tournament souvenir photo package from Bowdell Photography; two tickets to attend the annual NHPA Hall of Fame and awards banquet; and a wonderful “local goody package,” with a value over $400, provided by Buffalo which includes passes to many local attractions and a Buffalo gift basket.

The total Grand Prize package is currently valued at over $1,400!!

Four additional World Tournament entries will be awarded to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners!

If the cost of the trip and entry fee is all that is holding you back from attending a World Tournament, this is your opportunity for a chance to let the NHPA pay a good part of that for you!

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 and will be available at the Kickoff meeting April 13, as well as throughout the 2013 pitching season. Contact Tina Hawkins to obtain your tickets.

Tournament Directors – consider purchasing raffle tickets to present to your class winners, score keepers, or anyone else you deem worthy!

The drawing for the winners will be held on the first day of the 2013 League National Tournament at the NHPA Hall of Fame facility in Wentzville, MO, October 5. You do not need to be present to win.

by Chuck Arnold

When I think about the three words "Hall OF Fame," I immediately think about athletes that made their mark in their respective sport. As a kid growing up I loved all sports and the great players that made the game fun to watch. Baseball was my favorite sport and Lefty Sandy Koufax, pitcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was my favorite player. What I liked the most about Sandy was his amazing fast ball and the fact he was unpredictable-- he was as apt to either hit you with a pitch or strike you out. Sandy Koufax was one of the greatest left- handed pitchers to ever play the game and though his carrier was short he was put into the baseball HOF in 1972.

You may be wondering what the above has to do with the sport of horseshoe pitching and the Oklahoma HOF. It actually has everything to do with it. The Oklahoma HOF is comprised of individuals that are like Sandy Koufax in our sport. They are examples of greatness and they instill in others that same desire for greatness. They are examples that drive us as a person and as a horseshoe pitcher to be a tournament champion, to be a state champion, to be a world champion, to be a tournament director, to be a state officer, to be a regional director or to be an NHPA officer.

Oklahoma has a history of greatness in our sport and the way was paved by Ralph Spencer of Pitcher, Oklahoma, starting in the 1920’s. Ralph pitched in the 1921 World Tournament in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sept 7-10. Ralph finished 6th that year and finished 2nd in the world the following year.

Our task and labor of love is to continue the journey because of Ralph and many others like him that make up this great state of ours.

So, going forward, please think about being that person, that driving force that will make a difference, not only in our sport but in life. The accomplishment doesn’t have to be on the largest scale to move the needle. It IS without a doubt the smallest of things, like keeping score or turning a court for a friend that is getting up in age, that truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE and that in my book regardless of your status makes you a Hall of Famer.

Whatever it is that you choose to be, make sure you make a difference and follow in the footsteps of those great pitchers and promoters of our sport that also made a difference and paved the way before us.

If you have items you would like considered for publication in the OHPA newsletter, email tinahawk@msn.com

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