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Fall 2014


Howdy folks, the 2014 horseshoe pitching season is in the books.  I felt the season was very successful with the many leagues and tournaments throughout the year.


I would like to thank all the folks who made the year a good one.  Particularly, the State Singles Tournament was a standout success.   The Yukon Club hosted the tournament and the members of the club are to be congratulated for their outstanding efforts.  All the work that was involved in court preparation and other activities to make the tourney a success.  A most noteworthy accomplishment was the contacting of the area merchants and sponsors to collect some five thousand dollars toward trophies and tournament prize monies.


Our thanks also to the Yukon Park Department for their work on the court renovations and all the other amenities provided for and enjoyed by the participants.


I know there were some OHPA members who also made monetary contributions toward the tournament and many thanks to them.


Club News


The Enid Horseshoe Club held its Annual Meeting, November 18th, at the Golden Corral.  Thirteen members were present.  Winners of both spring and fall leagues were presented with patches.  Ed Dubbs took league championship honors for the spring league and Jeremy Brinson for the fall league.

The same slate of officers were re-elected for the 2015 season with Jim Hudson, President and League Director; James Crabtree, Vice President;  Joy Dennis, Secretary/Treasurer;  Terry

Breitenkamp, Publicity; and Charlotte Bowen, Tournament Director.

The spring league will begin Thursday, April 9 running for six weeks.  Tournament dates are as follows:

April 18            Bailey/Leavengood/Watkins Memorial

August 1          Brakhage Open

October 3        East/West Challenge

October 24      Chaplains Open


News from Al Ross


The new horseshoe courts are coming along great near Tahlequah.  There will be 11 courts at this time.  They are built in conjunction with the New Tri-Community Center, W E B Association with thanks to John R and Dickie Sellers and families and to the Cherokee Nation for making it possible.

Al Ross and David Mallory will be the contacts for sanctioned tournaments and leagues.  Hope to have a league going for spring as well as tournaments on the OHPA Schedule. 


Hall of Fame Banquet


The Annual HOF Banquet was held at the Stillwater Senior Citizens Center on November 8, 2014.

It was a very memorable event.  A very good program was put on by the HOF Committee.  Several folks attended and enjoyed the festivities, which included a very good meal provided by the Cain family and their able assistants, with some goodies provided by other members.

J C Bowen and Larry Fordyce were the honorees that were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Tina Hawkins received the Charlie Brewer Award for her many years of contributions to both the OHPA and the NHPA and the game of horseshoes in general. 

There were other awards presented to various folks for their contributions throughout the year and these people are what makes the program work. 

There were two Presidential Awards presented this year.  Charlotte Bowen received an award for her dedication and service to the OHPA as Secretary/Treasurer and all around Tournament Director.

Tyler Agnew received an award proclaiming him as Ambassador of the OHPA.  His friendship and attitude toward his competitors and everyone attending any event is beyond reproach. 

This years banquet included a Red Carpet Event where folks could have pictures taken during the program or while receiving awards.  This idea was very well received and will most likely be an on going tradition at the banquet.

Roger Vogel was a visitor from the Kansas World Tournament Committee.  He supplied some information concerning the upcoming world tournament.  He also commented that the banquet was the best he had ever attended.  I am quite sure he has been to several.


I have been in contact with Ron Murphy of Ron and Pollyís Horseshoe Supplies. Polly has completed her Chemo treatments and all is well at this time.  God is good.  Ron, of course is a friend of the OHPA and attended the Oklahoma Open providing sales items to the participants.


Welcome to all new members who have joined for the 2015 season.  You should all have your sanction cards by now.  Please keep them handy in case you are asked for them when entering a tournament.  We look forward to each of you participating in the OHPA tourneys.  Enjoy the competition and fellowship. 


David will have the 2015 schedules out very soon and we will make every effort to make sure all

know when and where the tournaments are.


I asked earlier if anyone had something for the newsletter.  Thanks to those who replied.   If you should ever have something you would like mentioned, please let Charlotte or myself know.


May you all have a very Merry Christmas.


Burl L Cox Jr,

President, OHPA

2014 OHPA Officers

President††††††††††††††††††††† Burl Cox†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† OHPA WebsiteTina Hawkins†††

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2rd Vice President††††††††† Mike Deer†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 580-268-3243 or 580-716-4420

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3nd Vice President††††††††† Ronnie Frederick

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